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On the Beach - Brussels

Art Sablon Gallery

Rue Wateeu 16, Brussels

24 September to 28 October 2020

Turtle arks carry creatures and people and bits of civilization to a sandy shore. The ceramic collection « On the beach », was made to be shown one year ago at the Mesher Foundation’s contemporary ceramics exhibition in Istanbul, « Beyond the Vessel ».

Jonathan Kugel of Art Sablon introduced my work to Catherine Milner of Messums gallery in Wiltshire who curated the Istanbul show and inspired this installation, and to Ömer Koç, patron of the Mesher Foundation where the works were premiered

. After Istanbul the collection was shown in February 2020 at Messums in England. Now the show comes home to Brussels in a show curated by Jonathan Kugel of Art Sablon who got the ball rolling in the first place.

Art Sablon combines antiquities, paleontology, taxidermy and contemporary art, uniquely mixing the beautiful, the strange and the fascinating. Presenting my work in this context is particulary pleasing – my creations become part of the world of natural and man-made marvels .

In the Art Sablon cornucopia, objects I make get to join the wonderful things that make the world marvelous , beautiful and sometimes almost comprehensible.


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