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Dominique Fiat's Summer Show

Vivian van BLERK / Nicola Lo CALZO / Roxane DAUMAS


2 July to 31 July (and a week in September after the summer break) 2020.

The exhibition grows out of Dominique’s curatorial vision for ArtParis2020.

I created La Clairière (The Glade) to show with Galerie Dominique Fiat. This ceramic work is a collection of many pieces - a theatre of animals and people in a forest amongst the ruins of a disappeared civilization where technological vestiges, no longer useable, become mysterious, sacred.

It is built in the spirit of a diorama. Mobile scenary is arranged and lit to present a landscape. During its making, the scene offered a short-lived colorful life captured in photographs. This is how it happened: all the pieces were fired a first time. Afterwards they were painted with colours and photographed like I have long made photos of temporary models. Then the elements were glazed and fired a second time. High temperature removed the tempera paint and watercolour to leaving the final work in the natural clay colours used.

La Clairière ceramic ensemble was exhibited along with photographs that showed its ephemeral vivid moment as a colorful narrative scene.

Smaller ceramic pieces, Les Epines, The Reading Room, Adventures in the Garden and La traversée du désert

, each with its own sculpted narrative universe, were satellites around the big central story of La Clairière.

Above: La Clairière. 80x110x110cm. Stoneware and porcelain

Below: The Reading Room. 35x30cm. Stoneware

Gallery Dominique Fiat

16 Rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais

75003 Paris


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