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On the Beach

A fleet of turtle arks carry life and memory across oceans to populate the long-abandoned city.

ON THE BEACH participates in an exhibition of ceramics by thirteen contemporary artists, BEYOND THE VESSEL, at the Meşher Gallery, 211 Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul, until 22 December 2019.

The show will travel to the United Kingdom during the winter in early 2020

Curated by Catherine Milner of Messums Wiltshire with Károly Aliotti of Meşher, Istanbul.

Thanks to Catherine Milner and Johnny Messums who invited me to participate and encouraged me all the way.

To Bahattin Öztuncay and the mercurial Károly Aliotti who made everything possible while politely stopping me from doing silly things.

To the architect of everything, Nilüfer Konuk.

To Deniz Sanal, Ebru Esra Sanci, Şeyda Çetin, Ezgi Göksu Öztürkmen, Nazli Efsa Aktar, Sevim Tavus and Mert Gözören. The team at Meşher resolve all problems and they are wonderful fun to be around.

To Sevim Sancaktar and her remarkable team at the photo printing house, Lamarts.

To designer Ayşe Bozkurt and photographers Hadiye Cangökçe and Sylvain Deleu.

To Dominique Fiat, Pascal Odille, Jonathan Kugel and Patrice Polini,

And of course to Ömer Koç whose humanism and tireless philanthropy creates so many cultural events for people in Turkey, including this exhibition.

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